Convenient USB Floor Lamp

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The creation of a USB Floor Lamp is very thoughtful. This is a result of the constant need for charging smartphones and other digitals device. With 2 USB charging ports and one power outlet, a USB floor lamp offers the perfect combination of a bedside table, table lamp, and power strip.

A floor lamp with USB port and shelf will go a long way in providing the convenience you deserve. Most USB lamps come with energy-saving bulbs to preserve energy whenever the lamp is ON.

USB floor lamp with USB port and shelf

Get yourself the MOLESUN Standing Floor Lamp with Shelves. This floor lamp with shelf is a design for living room, bedroom, and office spaces. It features a tall light shelf with a USB tower lamp. You can add to the beauty of this lamp by putting your indoor plants on the shelves. You can even read with this USB lamp because it projects soft lighting that will protect your eyes.

It uses energy-saving 3-way dimmable LED bulbs. This is a practical lamp with strong and durable shelves. The frame of the lampshade can be clamped to ensure it doesn’t fall off. This beautiful floor lamp with charging station is also suitable for accompanying a child to read books.

Floor lamp with charging station

For OUTON Floor Lamp with Shelves, the appeal lies in the LED column design. This modern floor lamp comes with a USB port, power outlet, and display storage. This wood-standing lamp has a white linen texture shade that illuminates a bedroom, living room, and office space.

You can save money and energy with this 25,000-hours lifespan floor lamp with table. The built-in pull chain switch is used to turn ON/OFF the switch easily. It is one of the best USB floor lamps to consider whenever you need warm illumination in your room and general spaces.

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