Choosing the Right Floor Lamp with Shelves

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If you’re looking for a floor lamp with shelves that provides some extra storage space, there are many such shelved floor lamps too choose from. You can find models with different numbers of shelves, so you can choose the one that’s right for your needs. Plus, they come in a variety of styles, so you can find the perfect one to match your decor. Floor lamps with shelves are a great way to add function and style to any room in your home.

Lamps with shelving are a great option for small homes that need more space for decorating and large rooms where you would like to add more personal touches. They offer a great source of lighting that is versatile and helps to create a homey atmosphere while giving you space for your belongings.

Why get a shelf lamp?

If you live in a small home that is short on space or are looking for additional storage solutions for your home a shelf lamp will be right for you. A shelf lamp combines a floor lamp with a shelf to provide storage while also providing necessary light to your home.

The Simple Designs shelf lamp is a modern option for anyone looking to add storage and light to their space. It adds a stylish element to your home with its wood frame and neutral linen shade.

The shelves provide a versatile location to display plants, photography, or other décor pieces while the linen lamp shade casts soft and warming light, perfectly illuminating the space in any room of your home, that works for any kind of style.

Ever-popular Brightech shelf lamps

Brightech provides designer lighting at an affordable price. With the option of floor lamps, table lamps and string lights and more they offer unique designs that are high quality. They offer products without the high-end mark ups other retailers charge. Their designs are at the forefront of innovation and are up to date with the newest lighting trends. All their products use energy efficient LEDs and solar power where possible and often come with USB or wireless charging ports.

The Brightech Maxwell Shelf Floor Lamp is a great option for column lighting. Offering the unique innovations that Brightech is known for the design comes with a built in wireless charging station for iPhone and Android devices as well as a USB port and outlet. Making it a great option for offices and bedrooms. If your phone supports wireless charging you can recharge it on the Brightech Maxwell’s charging pad.

The design is a Japanese style tall narrow nightstand that is a space saving combo. It is a perfect addition to many different rooms and can easily fit into any style. The simple lines of the design suit mid century modern, rustic, industrial and many other styles.

The Brightech Maxwell is also offered as a drawer edition. The drawers provide even more storage space with the addition of hidden storage. Allowing you to keep small items hidden to minimize clutter in your home. The Lamps both come with 20-year energy saving light bulbs. Helping you to save more and save energy.

Floor lamp with shelves from IKEA

IKEA’s lighting solutions are a great option for anyone looking for high end design on a budget. IKEA is known for their contemporary and modern style. Providing people with all kinds of furniture and appliances and is known for their environmentally friendly practices. In many ways they are at the forefront on large scale sustainability for mass consumer culture.

This lamp offers the same sleek style in a different tone and design. The light wood option gives it a fresh look that is suitable for many homes. This floor lamp is made high quality FSC certified wood that is seamlessly connected without paint. The white fabric lampshade diffuses the light making it easy on the eyes.

Tripod floor lamp with shelves

A tripod floor lamp is a unique mid-century modern design style that is gaining popularity in recent years. The three-leg design is sturdy and produces a well balanced lamp.

The Dewenwils Floor Lamp with shelves has a stylish design perfect for a variety of styles. The lamp fits perfectly into modern architecture or any style. The round linen lampshade creates perfect balance to the design and adds a nice touch in any home. Perfect for any room from living room to bedrooms.

The shelves offer two practical tiers, that can act as durable end tables that offer storage for small items. The classic style base is made from rustic wood and industrial steel. The heavy base makes it very stable and can not easily be knocked over.

The Sunllok Woven Bamboo Tripod Floor Lamp is a great option for a room with a modern design. It offers a high quality metal tripod base with a single shelf that is perfect for displaying plants and décor items. The height of the lamp is adjustable and can easily be moved to create the height you would like and fit into the space you want.

The lampshade is open at the top and bottom to allow diffused light to fill the space and bring a calm ambient light to any room. The woven lampshade offers a very current design trend that is popular and highlights the look of natural materials. It would be the perfect addition to a home office, bedroom or living room.

This bamboo floor lamp offers easy assembly and comes with all the accessories you need to put it together quickly. The lamp comes with an on and off foot switch to allow you to easily turn the light on without having to reach around.

Corner lamp with shelves

In small spaces having a lamp that fits snugly into the corner of the room can be a great addition to brighten up a space. Regardless of the size of room having multiple light sources to create a variety of layers of light to let you adjust the atmosphere in your home.

This Addlon 4-Tier Sector Corner Lamp is perfectly designed to fit into a small room. Offering light and storage space to your home. Each of the shelves is designed to support up to 50 pounds max making it a great and secure option to display décor. You can change the color of the light to shift the atmosphere of the room.

The high-quality linen lampshade provides a beautiful way to diffuse light in your space. Giving you soft and gentle light to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in your home.

Standing Lamp with Shelf

Standing lamps are a great addition to your home and provide ambient lighting to your home. They can be paired with other lighting in your space to create a comfortable and bright lighting space. Many decorators recommend having at least 3 light sources in a room and a standing lamp is a great addition in reaching this number.

The Rosen Garden Floor lamp with Faux marble shelves is a great option if you are looking to incorporate a standing lamp with shelves into your home. It has a very stylish and elegant design that works perfectly in any room from modern to traditional décor. The design is perfect for brightening up a room and creating a space for reading or enjoying a comfortable atmosphere.

The base of the lamp is designed with faux marble shelves that provide convenient storage solutions for décor or placing books and cups. The shelves provide you a space to decorate and personalize your home. The high-quality metal posts are completed in a lovely gold finish and a white lamp shade. The lamp comes with anti scratch pads to help protect your floor. Allowing you to move the lamp without having to be concerned about damaging your flooring underneath.

Tall Lamp with Shelves

A tall lamp can help to create a variety of atmospheres in your home. Some tall lamps can almost act as an overhead light source and work perfectly for task lighting. It can help to provide an important layer of light in your home and make a great reading lamp beside a chair or sofa.

This tall lamp with shelves by Elyona is a great option for providing light in your home. The adjustable lamp head allows you to direct light at whichever angle you would like. The design is a mid-century style that combines a standing lamp with a wood side table. The shelving provides a space to place your phone, coffee cup or decorations.

It can easily be matched with many different décor styles including rustic, industrial, farmhouse etc. The design uses high quality FSC listed solid wood to provide beautiful design that is environmentally friendly, water proof and anti-scratch. The lampshades are high-quality linen that is woven with a tight texture, making it water and oil resistant with a natural fiber.

The Elyona brand who creates this lamp is focused on the joys of life and how to create beauty in your home. They value high quality materials and are focused on designs that are attuned with natural beauty.

All of their lights are unique and designed specifically by them and are all ETL listed. Meaning that they have all been tested and approved to meet the governments regulated safety standards for the USA. By using FSC listed solid wood they avoid MDF, laminate and veneer.

Column Floor Lamp with Shelves

When it comes to interior décor, lighting is one of the most important elements. Not only does it set the mood and create a certain atmosphere in a room, but it can also be functional, playing an important role in tasks such as reading or working. If you’re looking for a way to add some extra light and shelves to your home, why not consider investing in a column floor lamp with shelves?

The Globe Electric Versailles Floor Lamp with shelves is a functional piece to incorporate into your home. The large white linen shade beautifully compliments the black metal finish and trendy layered design to create an updated traditional lamp style that works well in any style of home. The built-in shelves are a great space for you to show off décor: your favorite books, small plants and Knick knacks. The shelves are 14.5 inches high and provide the perfect amount of space to create small vignettes in your space to compliment your interior design.

Black Floor Lamp with Shelves

A black floor lamp can be a great option for your space. The neutral color allows them to fit perfectly into any color scheme and can transition into any changing styles you may have. They can add a hint of drama by creating color contrast or be a seamless addition into a darker color palette. Whichever design style you have a black floor lamp will be able to match the look. There are so many styles available that you are sure to find one you love.

This Dwenwils 60-inch modern black floor lamp with shelves is the perfect reading lamp for your living room or office space. It is 60 inches tall and fits perfectly with modern design and looks good in any style of room. It provides a touch of warmth and light to any room of the house and would fit perfectly into a living room, bedroom, or any darker corner in your home.

The lampshade comes in a high-quality durable linen that is thick enough to soften the beams of light and minimize glare. Offering a pleasant ambient glow to your room, providing enough light for a large space and offers enough light for reading.

Floor lamps with shelves are the perfect way to add light and storage to your space. They come in a variety of styles, so you can find the perfect one for your home. What do you display on your floor lamp with shelves?