Floor Lamp with Side Table

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You have to love the versatile design of a floor lamp with a side table. It provides a perfect addition to your living room, bedroom, guest room, or any free space in your home.

The attached table on this product is made of MDF board while the stand is made of solid metal. This provides stability and support. A floor lamp with side table can be classified as a shelf table floor lamp because it comes with shelves. You can keep your phone, Bluetooth headset, and power bank in the storage space.

Floor lamp with side table and USB port

Are you looking for a vintage-style floor lamp? The “LityMax LED Floor Lamp with Table” is a great choice for use in your home. This modern floor lamp with side table features a USB charging port and power outlet all attached to the rustic end table. It enables fast charging, so you can easily charge your phones and other electronic devices.

The attractive rustic brown side table gives a charming look to any room. It also features 2-tier shelves that are good for storage. You can easily assemble all accessories within minutes. In addition, it features a 360-degree rotatable lampshade. This caters to eye care and ensures you can direct the illumination to the right spots.

Modern bedside table with built in lamp

The Sofa Side Table Lamp is a unique creation of RJ-Global. This floor lamp is attached to an end table that has a storage shelf. It is the perfect floor lamp with tray table and USB port. This is a really good lamp with table attached because it can function as a perfect bedside nightstand. It offers a combination of practicality and aesthetics.

The semi-translucent linen fabric shade of this floor lamp with side table provides soft light to ensure the eyes feel comfortable while in use. This lamp also creates a comfortable atmosphere at night. You should buy it as it’s a multifunctional fixture of furniture and lighting.


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