Outdoor Patio Floor Lights

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Where do outdoor patio floor lights fit into your lifestyle?

The number one rule for products that have environmentally conscious designs is using renewable energy. Solar power has seen its rise over the past few years and has made its way into most homes in one way or the other.

Outdoor floor lights with LED

This growth has resulted in many outdoor patio floor lamps that are solar powered. These lamps charge during the daytime hours and save up enough energy to light up though the evening. The battery life varies in each lamp design and you can find one that best suits your needs.

Waterproof outdoor floor lamps

The Sterno Home Outdoor Solar LED Street lamp is one of the many examples of a solar powered outdoor lamp. Its design is inspired by old street lamps and it gives a very formal look to any outdoor setting.

This lamp can be installed onto hard surfaced patios or directly on the grass or soil. It can also be placed along gravel or paved pathways, carrying forward the street lamp aesthetic. The lamp has a dim light of only 60 lumens that doesn’t alter the flora and fauna of your garden.

All-weather outdoor floor lamps

Another landscaping lamp that has a well diffused, natural light is the Rechargeable Flame Floor Lantern. This is a solar powered LED lamp that has a flickering light which mimics a flame.

The shape of the lamp also complements the flame analogy and is a reminder of a lantern. The solar panel is on top of the lamp, accumulating energy during the day.

Outdoor patio floor lights

Apart from that, it has a USB chord to charge it if need be. This lamp makes itself a part of the landscaping and provides with a unique glow around it. The flame mimicry is fascinating to look at and definitely a show stopper in any garden or patio.

So if you have a firing passion (intentional pun) for landscaping within, that needs an escape, get yourself a couple of flickering outdoor patio floor lights to be ahead of the game

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