Standard Lamp for a Courtyard Can be Special

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Any courtyard will benefit from a standard lamp for a courtyard.

Courtyards are like open air rooms. They are neither a completely indoor enclosure, nor an outdoor space. This makes courtyards somewhat of a third space that isn’t used for any particular activity, but gives you a transition area to catch your breath.

Outdoor free standing lamp

Courtyards can have many great elements. Some have a tree in the middle, whereas some are filled with lovely green plants all over. Some have no sign of vegetation, but a comfortable set of outdoor chairs and a well designed water feature. No matter what your courtyard looks like, you do need lighting to finish it off – preferably a standing lamp for the terrace.

Modern outdoor floor lighting

Since courtyards blur the boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces, you can place lamps that are simple and elegant in design, or you can opt for something completely ornamental and sculptural to create an interesting view for both your courtyard space, as well as your interior spaces that look out to the courtyard. (Tip: follow this guide to patio lamps._

Outdoor solar standing lamp

This classic outdoor lamp can be used on hard surfaces by simply placing it on top, or it can be placed into the ground by attaching a stake to the bottom. This gives it stability in all scenarios.

This lamp’s minimal design makes it comfortable to look at. It also has a solar chip on top, enabling you to use it as a wireless lamp.

Large ornamental outdoor floor lamp

This outstanding example of a standard lamp for a courtyard is a sculpture of a flamingo made into a lamp. This exotic standard lamp for a courtyard definitely gives your courtyard an endearing look, that adults and children alike will swoon over.

This lamp would look charming, installed among plants, flowers, or even on grass. It is made to emphasize the natural beauty of the vegetation in your home.

This large standard lamp for a courtyard is also solar powered. It does not however have a very bright light, and is mainly decorative, a job which it does very well. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a pink flamingo standing on one tall skinny leg?
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