Adesso Bowery Arc Lamp

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Why go for the Adesso Bowery arc lamp? Arc floor lamps can be used for a number of purposes. People like to use them for reading, sewing and for other tasks. With the advancement of technology, there are now many kinds of arc floor lamps available which are designed by various companies.

Adesso is one of these. Adesso means ‘now’ and this an appropriate brand name as it tells consumers that their lights are always modern with useful features. You simply choose the one that blends in to your lifestyle. Adesso is known for coming up with unique designs where functionality and style combine to ensure homeowners get the perfect lamp.

Adesso Bowery arc lamp overhanging

You can see Adesso’s success as an arc lamp producer when you look at the contemporary Adesso Bowery Arc Lamp. You’ll see amazing craftsmanship in the lamp. The brushed steel finish lamp is smart and stylish and it will light up any area beautifully.

You can control your lighting with the adjustable shade and the sturdy white marble base will ensure the lamp of 73.5 inches stands strong and secure.

Choose a 100 Watt bulb and see the way the light shines beautifully through the attractive gray tweedish type fabric. Bear in mind that bulbs aren’t included.

Adesso floor lamps

The Adesso Bowery brushed steel adjustable arc floor lamp is designed to be convenient to the user. The lamp features an arc arm for versatility and it comes with an on/off rotary switch. The switch is found on the metal lamp pole. A clear cord is part of the lamp and it is also smart outlet compatible.

This is useful as it means ordinary appliances like a lamp can be turned into a smart device so that they can conveniently work from your phone. The height-adjustable Adesso Bowery arc lamp will need to be assembled and its assembled dimensions are 48 x 11 x 73 inches.

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