Arc Floor Lamps for Living Room Placement

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Arc floor lamps for living room use are distinctive. An arc lamp is a kind of slim lamp body that extends forward and bends downward in an arc shape, illuminating whatever is placed beneath the arc. This is useful if you want your lamp to act like a spotlight, highlighting a particular area in your living room.

Oversized arched floor lamp

Modern arc floor lamps for living room application are also tall in height – sometimes extremely tall and wide – so that they can be placed over your furniture pieces. These are also handy if you’re unable to install a hanging light but want that outcome in your living room.

Arc floor lamps for living room use are usually placed in corners or along walls, with their arc directed towards the room. These can be placed behind or beside your two or three seater sofas, sofa chairs, reading chairs, side coffee table, or even a small breakfast table.

Overarching floor lamp

Overarching floor lamps create a lovely ambience because of contrast of light and dark within your living space. Because of that, arc lamps are usually simple in design, as to not divert attention towards themselves, but direct it towards your selected zone.

If you own an accent chair in your living room, purchase an arc floor lamp with table and accessorize with an indoor plant to make it into a cozy reading corner. If you have a breakfast table in your lounge, an arched living room lamp over it can create a charming illusion of a separate dining space within your overall room without creating a physical boundary, making your table set more inviting. Or introduce a cluster of lounge lamps to your living room decor.

Modern arc floor lamps for living room

If you ever impulsively bought a decorative item that you thought looked nice but now gets lost among your furniture and other items, place it on a side table and let an arc lamp do the rest of the work.

Be careful, however, to not place these tall floor lamps where you would walk around a lot because the weight distribution in arc lamps causes them to topple over more easily as compared to other floor lamp types.

Gold arc floor lamp

Arc lamps come in many colors and styles (such as this golden one here, which is actually made of brass) and are mostly in a metal finish body. They are mostly contemporary in style and sometimes have an adjustable arch length.

Some lamps have a metal dome shape or a spot light, but some come with fabric lampshades, which soften the reach of light by diffusing it, creating a calm lighting effect.

Arc floor lamp with multiple heads

If you want the lamp to brighten up the whole room, while guiding you eye to a selected portion, a fabric drum lampshade like this Brightever arc lamp should be good for you.

Black metal arc floor lamp

But if you want a strong contrast and dramatic shadows, a black arc lamp with a metal lampshade would work nicely.

Think carefully before choosing a floor lamp for your living room.

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