Why the IKEA NOT Lamp is So Popular

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If you need or want a simple floor lamp with multi-function properties, the IKEA NOT lamp with reading task light is an excellent choice.

When speaking of multi-function, this points to an uplighter sending light to the ceiling and a reading spotlight that is best for focused activities such as reading or sewing.

IKEA NOT Lamp with Uplighter and Reading Task Light Attachment

The higher, larger uplighter portion of the IKEA NOT floor lamp aims light towards the ceiling, which is then diffused onto the walls and the rest of the room.

Walls painted in light colors in smaller rooms really benefit from this lamp, as it gives off the perfect amount of light.

The lower and comparatively smaller task light is for use in close work such as reading, made even more functional by its bendy, gooseneck nature. This aids in adjustability, angling it precisely as you want it.

The IKEA NOT floor lamp may not come off as a pricey illuminator, but it does exude an elegant and utilitarian aura. It is best placed in your family room, in your study, beside your favorite armchair, and so on. Others may elect to place it in their bedroom, for those who read while in bed.

This IKEA uplighter floor lamp is named ‘NOT’ in Swedish, not English. Just FYI.

IKEA NOT floor lamp hack

This model of IKEA lamp is as with most things IKEA makes, easy to put together. It is an intuitive lamp as well because you can switch the reading task lamp and uplighter off and on separately.
The IKEA ‘NOT’ light is styled in an unobtrusive manner. It does not make a statement, and it virtually disappears, meaning visually, it remains out of the way.

Damaging or denting the shades due to tipping the lamp over is difficult. The flexible, lightweight plastic shades are very light, making this lamp not top-heavy.

The reading task lamp provides focused yet dispersed light. Its gooseneck nature means it can be manipulated into any position you feel comfortable with.

The IKEA NOT lamp bulb types are E26 and E17.

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