Fabulous Arc Lamp Over Dining Table

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Why an arc lamp over dining table? The right kind of light over your dining table is especially important. The reason for this is that the dining table is often a work table. You eat and work there.

You don’t want dim lighting resulting in you not seeing the moth that landed in your coffee cup or food. The right light creates an atmosphere and an arc lamp over dining table manages to achieve wonderful effects.

Arc lamp over dining table lighting ideas

The Brightech Mason floor lamp has an interesting lampshade – an attractive double drum shade, giving the lamp a modern twist with an appealing bronze color. With its lampshade measuring about 12 inches in height and 19 inches in width, it also has a 15-inch diameter marble base. You benefit from a solid, non-wobbly base that also has a touch of elegance.

You can telescope the adjustable arc lamp over dining table up to 44 inches from the pole. In fact, the Mason arcs up to a max height of 81 inches. What is really cool is that the lamp works with smart outlets that are Alexa- and Google Home Assistant-enabled. It will require a smart outlet and this is sold separately.

Best floor lamps for dining room over table

The Adesso 4249-21 Bowery Arc Lamp is sought after by those who appreciate an antique look. This attractive arc lamp over dining table comes with an antique brass finish and with its 100-watt bulb, you get a warm glow through the whitish-colored textured fabric shade.

The lamp has a clear cord and is also smart outlet compatible.

You’ll find the on and off rotary switch on the pole of the lamp. It’s a stylish lamp that will blend well in a host of different settings. This functional lamp stands at 74 inches in height. Adesso has many cool lighting options and this Bowery Arc lamp over dinging table will allow you to experience the pleasure of a fabulous light for every occasion.


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