Floor lamp uses are many and varied. Place them in living room, bedroom, study, home office, patio, nursery and work room. Find the most beautiful, effective floor lamp for your application.

How to buy floor lamps for the living room

Choosing a Floor Lamp with Shelves for Your Interior

Floor Lamp with Table Attached

Small office? This table with lamp attached plus a speaker and a USB port could be the space-saving answer. Or choose this elegant model for a living room.

Beautiful Standing Lamp with Table

I have selected these two lovely yet functional standing lamps with tables for your living room, den or bedroom. Choose and order one now!

Funky Cactus Floor Lamp

There are lots of cactus lamp styles: metal industrial, kiddies neon, children’s plastic cactus lights and of course great lamps.

Floor Lamps with USB Ports

Floor lamps with USB ports are good for constrained living spaces and especially for people with limited mobility. They can charge their phones from a side table.

Floor Lamp with Table and USB Port

Why not get a floor lamp that’s also a small side table and where you can also charge your cell phone. Choose from two recommended versions.

Floor Lamp and Table Lamp Set

Choose from these two modern 3 piece floor and table lamp sets that hark back to classic and vintage styles. Order your set now to enhance your interior.

Super Oak Floor Lamp with Shelves

Oak floor lamp with shelves

Oak floor lamp with shelves ticks all the boxes when it includes a charging port. No need to move from your armchair to charge your cell phone.

Wooden Shelved Floor Lamp

Wooden shelved floor lamp

Wooden shelved floor lamp for bedroom or living room. Attractive finish and highly practical, this is a smart floor lamp!

Amazing Adesso Wright Shelf Floor Lamp

Adesso wright shelf floor lamp

Adesso Wright floor lamp combines practicality with beauty. It comes in a black walnut finish. Check it out.

Shelved Tripod Floor Lamp

Shelved tripod floor lamp

Shelved tripod floor lamps are available here. Choose from two popular makes and order online.