Superb Contemporary Floor Lamps

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Looking for cheap contemporary floor lamps? Bring some luxury to your home with this Nintiue Floor Lamp. With its stepless dimming feature, this modern arc floor lamp is perfect for any room style or use situation. The easy-to-use rotary switch makes it simple to find just the right light level for your needs. Also, a height of 4.1 feet makes this lamp quite adjustable to fit your needs.

Tall contemporary floor lamps for reading

This most elegant of modern floor lamps features a flexible design that allows for 270º horizontal rotation and 90º vertical rotating lamp heads.

The lampshade can be rotated to any angle, making it perfect for reading or working. Use these contemporary floor lamps for living room or brighten up your reading space.

Best contemporary floor lamps for sale

It’s time to break out the reading glasses and hit the books – but not before you light up your study space with a magnificent black modern floor lamp. With its bright, 1000-lumen LED bulb, this floor lamp is perfect for reading and studying.

Best of all, it comes with a 2700K warm white bulb that emits a soft, comforting light – amazing for winding down at night. And if that’s not enough, the lifespan of the included LED bulb is an impressive 25,000 hours! So need not worry about replacing the LED now and then.

Contemporary floor lamps for bedroom

With a heavy base and long power cord, this lamp is perfect for any space – plus, the sleek design means it’ll compliment any decor. Plus, a 3-year warranty ensures outstanding quality and is enough to overcome the double thoughts, if any!

Modern contemporary floor lamps

However, if you are looking for a lamp that’s soft and comforting for your eyes? Txone Modern Floor Lamp Led Standing Corner Lamp is perfect as it is featured with eye-care technology to protect your eyes while you’re using it. Moreover, this modern standing lamp has multiple light modes that can be tailored to your needs, and the remote control allows you to easily adjust the brightness and lighting mode from across the room.

With Stepless Dimming, this is one of the most impressive contemporary floor lamps. You can find the perfect brightness for any activity, whether you’re reading, working, or relaxing in bed. Brighten up your living space with this amazing abstract floor lamp.

Led corner floor lamp

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