End Table Floor Lamp Comfort

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Are you a multitasker who, like yourself, want your furniture to be multifunctional? The end table floor lamp is just that. It is a hybrid design that incorporates a floor lamp into a side table.

End table floor lamp combo

The table is a practical one, as opposed to ornamental, which can be used for many of your tasks such as late night office work, keeping and reading your favorite magazines, scribbling down recipes you found off the internet etc.

You can use it to keep your books and magazines as well as your pens for sudden phone number jotting down emergencies.

End table with lamp attached and storage

The lamps are easy to turn on and off because the switch is mostly on the table itself. One such example of these lamps is the LityMax Floor Lamp with Table. This lamp has a black side table with two levels, the top and bottom. The bottom can be used to keep decorative items or your favorite books that you’d like to keep within your reach at all times.

The upper level can be used to put regular use belongings like your laptop or journal and a pen holder. It can be used to put decorative items or kept clear so it can be utilized for putting snacks or coffee while you watch television or tend to guests.

Tray table floor lamp with usb port

The table comes with a USB port, making it convenient to charge your phone or any other gadgets. The lamp is 360° rotatable, so that it can be used to light up its own table top, or a sofa, plant pot or chair next to it. This lamp can be disassembled and packed easily, in case you plan to move.

End table floor lamp with usb port

Another example of an end table floor lamp with USB port is a wood finished metal end table lamp by UEICHI. This lamp is as multifunctional as it can get.

This three tier table not only comes with a gooseneck lamp, but also in-built storage boxes, a USB port and on top of that, a Bluetooth speaker, making it the perfect lounge study table.

It can be used for office work, taking care of your home bills, journaling or for your kids to do their homework.

Table lamp combo

It has a design that doesn’t exactly make it look like a study table, so that it doesn’t look out of place in a living room. With its hidden Bluetooth speaker, you can add background music to your life, making you the well-deserved star of your movie. Choose this smart lamp for your office, study or living room.

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