A Lovely Gold Freestanding Lamp for the Living Room

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Where does a gold freestanding lamp fit into your decor? If you have an interior with predominant colors that are on the cooler side of the spectrum, you might want to balance it out with some warmer fixtures. Since it isn’t always viable to change your permanent fixtures or get additional ones installed, gold freestanding lamps offer a solution that is much simpler.

Gold freestanding lamps can be purchased in pairs and placed in two corners, or one accent lamp can be bought and displayed as a single piece. Table lamps have a reliance on tables or other surfaces which not everyone can afford to keep clear at all times, as tables need to be used for other purposes as well. A freestanding lamp fulfills all your lighting needs while keeping your tables and shelves clear of clutter.

Gold freestanding lamp from Amazon

Take for instance the Brightech Riley Lamp. This classic standard tall lamp stands at a 5 feet height and can be turned on with a step switch. It has a brushed brass body with three brass spheres between the lampshade and the structural rod.

The lampshade is a neutral white so it can easily be placed into any setting without appearing unseemly. The lamp has a relatively simple design that can be placed in a pair as well, so feel free to purchase more two or more for different rooms and give them a common element in this way.

Modern gold tree floor lamp from Brightech

Another example of a freestanding gold lamp by Brightech is the Sphere Lamp. This is a gorgeous assemblage of a simple rod and two spheres that adorn it alternatively. This lamp stands like an organic tree supporting two magnificent fruits. The lamp’s unique shape is eye-catching, but not loud, making it suitable for any interior.

This is an ornamental lamp that will surely elevate the look of your space.
Both of these lamps are by Brightech and come with a warranty as well as LED bulbs that last up to 20,000 hours. Therefore, you do not just get a beautiful showpiece lamp for your lounge, but a durable, power saving light source as well. A gold freestanding lamp will do the job.

Tall gold lamps for living room

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