Outdoor Floor Lamps for Patio Comfort

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Where do outdoor floor lamps for patio use fit into your lifestyle?

If you have ever spent an autumn evening in your patio, sipping tea and enjoying the silence of your lovely little lawn and planters, you probably know that semi outdoor spaces within your home can provide a mini vacation scenario.

They can prove to be a getaway from your busy and hectic life. When you picture yourself in that scenario, do you imagine dim and diffused lighting, or do you picture bright light? I have a feeling it’s the former. If that’s the case, you’re right. Outdoor patio floor lights will do the job.

Outdoor floor lamps for patio

Bright light in the outdoor evening setting is only required when one is playing sports of some sort. In almost all other scenarios, indistinct light that is enough to let you see but doesn’t take away the calm of the night away is usually the preferred option.

So outdoor floor lamps for patio placement, or backyard floor lights often find a way to diffuse the light.

Outdoor floor lamp modern

One example of that is the Kenroy Home Bora Floor Lamps. These lamps have a classic lamp shape with a drum shade, but the shade is lined with dark bamboo slates, that resemble a wooden fence in a green garden.

This not only makes the lamp visually in sync with the outdoors, but also gives the light an organic character by adding a series of shadows and softening it further with a fabric lined inside the slates.

Outdoor patio lamp classic

Kenroy Home again experiments with shadow and light in their Brent Floor Lamps. In this hanging lampshade, they use a cross weave pattern as well as a woven webbing to make one whole shade. The cross weave hides the unappealing parts of the lamp whereas the porous webbing creates a fascinating shadow and light play.

Both of these lamps have two layers over their bulbs. The first layer is to distribute the light evenly across the shade, and the second brings an element of nature to the lamp, making these outdoor floor lamps for patio use perfect for our semi-outdoor spaces.


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