Extra Tall Floor Lamps

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Elevated tall floor lamps are particularly useful. They cast the light further. Most of these extra tall lamps are between 5 and 6 feet tall. They are available in a gamut of materials, colors and designs.

One of the advantages of floor lamps is that they come with no installation. They plug in and go. They offer aesthetic appeal for every room. These tall floor lamps can be useful for allowing you to work on any interests of yours, to read or to doze off. Floor lights offer a host of unique uses.

Extra tall modern floor lamps for living room and office

With the Joofo LED floor lamp, you control the floor lamp. You don’t have to get up from your comfortable position on the couch. It is a remote-control lamp. The Joofa LED floor lamp comes with a built-in switch on the lamp.

Choose different temperature settings with extra tall lamps. Choose cold white, warm white and natural white and also come with a 350° rotation. Extra tall floor lamps for living rooms like this one are 68.9 inches tall and with a 6 foot cord. With a sturdy base, the kids won’t be able tipple this extra tall floor lamps over.

Extra tall floor lamps

The smart LED floor lamp from GMK comes with plenty of features to make it a must-have in any room. For starters, it works with Google Assistant and Alexa, requiring you to give it a voice command.  You can also control this extra tall arc floor lamp with your phone through the Magic Home Pro App.  The lamp comes with adjustable brightness and color temperature.

There is also stepless dimming. Choose between 4 color adjustable temperature settings with remote control. Easy to assemble, the  360° adjustable head means you can direct light to exactly where you need it.  Choose from one of these extra tall floor lamps now.

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