Off the Wall Tall Pink Lamps

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Tall pink lamps are so cool!We all know how kids love color and a blush pink tall lamp gives off a wonderful glow in a child’s room. Some of these tall pink lamps are seriously stylish. They don’t look like a child’s light, and are often snapped up to use as a trendy lighting accessory in the lounge or bedroom.

Tall pink lamps

A tall floor lamp is great for providing extra light for reading. You can also be studying, knitting or working on the computer. With these tall pink lamps, there is always one that will complement the theme of your particular room. You can set one up in the corner of a room. They are usually slender and compact. Most times you can direct the light on exactly where you need it.

Pink standing lamp

The LED Desk Lamp from Jostic is slender and interesting to look at. It’s a futuristic type of dimmable lamp and within its slender design are many features. This tall pink floor lamp comes with a wireless charger. It also has 10 brightness levels, USB charging port, 5 lighting modes, and an auto time among others.

How cool it is to be able to charge your mobile phone from the lamp while it’s in use. It is foldable too and comes with a 225° flexible arm and a 160° bottom axis. You’ll also get a 1-year warranty service for the led desk lamps.

Tall pink floor lamp for nursery

There is also the Addlon LED Modern Shelf Floor Lamp with white lamp shade. The Addlon lamp isn’t just for lighting up a room. It comes with several storage tiers. The shelves are of high-density fiber material. They can each accommodate 50 pounds of weight max.

The lampshade too is of a high quality fabric. The lamp will take roughly 15 minutes to assemble. There is a manual and installation video that comes with these tall pink lamps.

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