Stunning Tall Salt Lamp

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People are taking a new interest in everything related to health – even tall salt lamps. These days there are many products in the décor category that focus on health and help people to relax.

Tall Himalayan salt lamps have definite health benefits. Extra tall salt lamps are often referred to as Himalayan salt lamps . They are pieces of pink rock salt that contain a light bulb. When you turn your salt lamp off, it looks like a pinkish crystal and when it’s turned on, it gives off a pinkish glow.

Largest Himalayan tall salt lamp

The IndusClassic LN-09 Salt Rock Lamp has a 25 watt bulb. It is a natural Himalayan Crystal Rock Sea Salt Lamp. It will bring a calming dimension to your interiors. The large tall salt lamps come with a 6-foot UL listed electric cord with a dimmer control switch. The lamp is handmade and hand carved from salt rock crystals. These come from the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan.

The beauty of this Indus Lamp is that it emits a soft glow. It creates a soothing effect which will help you sleep well at night. It makes a wonderful gift for someone and will enhance the ionic balance of your living areas. Experts tell us that the salt lamp is best placed next to a television set or any other energy emitting device. natural variation in Himalayan crystal salts.

Tall salt lamp hand carved

The tall d’aplomb Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp is beautiful. It is a hand carved rose flower salt lamp. The authentic salt lamp is made from 250 million year old salt from the Himalayan Mountains. This salt lamp is like the Himalayan glow natural salt round basket lamp. They are both excellent décor and mood setting lamps.

The lamp weighs about 8 lbs. It has a crafted wood base to steady it. The tall Himalayan salt lamp with its dimmer switch includes a couple of 15 watt bulbs. You shouldn’t use a bulb that exceeds 15 watts. The lamp allows for gradual brightening and dimming. The biggest salt lamp is great for bedrooms, yoga studios, living rooms and even offices.

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