Outside Floor Lamps

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Incorporating outside floor lamps when landscaping and gardening is not an easy task. A person who gardens knows this well that curating and then exucuting where which plant should be grown and what other elements (such as outdoor lamps) should be placed in which corner is not easy work.

Outside floor lamps

Something as simple as growing grass in your garden isn’t actually as laid back as it might sound. So when you do get to a point where your garden is a place you’re proud of, you want to make sure its enjoyable at all times, and not just the day. For this purpose, outdoor lamps are a gardener’s best friend. These lamps don’t just make your work visible in the evening, such as in a barbecue area, but also add to it visually in daylight.

Outdoor waterproof lamps

If you have, or want to have an outside waterproof floor lamp, you can opt for something that can be used on the porch or the patio like the Kenroy Home Brent Floor Lamps that have a beautiful oil rubbed bronze finish.

These outside floor lamps have a mixed weave rattan lampshade, that acts as a mediator between the organic and soft nature of your garden, and your hard finished patio.

All-weather outdoor floor lamps

Another lamp that does a similar job, but in a different style, is the Kenroy Home Biscayne Floor Lamp with black accents. Even though the grid is very systematic, the material usage and its convergence at the top and bottom seems to be a nature inspired design element.

This lamp comes in a hanging, smaller version as well, so you can pair the two and give your patio a formal and strategic look. Both of these lamps provide ambient lighting that isn’t too harsh on neither your eyes, nor your plants and their natural ecosystem.

Waterproof outdoor floor lamps

So don’t let the sun take all your hard work with it when it sets, make sure you’ve got outside floor lamps that put on a show when the moon comes to see.

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