Stunning Tall Solar Lights

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When grid power lets you down, you should look at tall solar lights. They provide illumination when grid power lets you down or becomes too expensive. Solar lighting systems range. You can get one small bedroom lamp that works at a low wattage.

You can also get high wattage lights that can illuminate huge areas. They light up driveways and pathways and don’t need electricity. Install them in your garden for adequate lighting.

Extra large outdoor tall solar lights

The 67″ tall solar lamp post lights come from Greluna. This is a brand with their own factory and development team. They specialize in developing solar lights. These attractive tall solar garden lights don’t work with electricity.

They come with two brightness levels. When the solar LED light is charged, you can expect lighting for up to 8 hours when operating on the low level. To change the light levels of these tall solar pathway lights, there is a low/high switch. No wiring required with the weather resistant lights. These tall solar lights have a waterproof rating of IP45, and are easy to install.

Large decorative solar lights

The Maggift 34 inch hanging solar light is super for outdoor use. It provides a calming influence, and they look cool along any pathway. Place the lights close to a patio or anywhere in the garden where you want good lighting.

The energy saving lantern size is 6.3 x 9.5 inches and it comes with 4 lumens LED bulbs. The shepherd hook of metal is strong enough to support the plastic lamp of the tall solar lights. The light comes on at night on its own and then turns off in the morning. With no wires the weather resistant lamps are easy to install and to stake into the ground. Being IP44 waterproof, the solar panel stands the test of time in rain or snow.

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