Rustic Floor Lamps for Living Room Elegance

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In a world full of contemporary modernism, does your personal style resonate more with lamps that are rustic floor lamps for living room space, and unique? Rustic floor lamps have a personality that contemporary, minimal lamps lack. They have a unique charm and compliment natural materials like wood and stone or textured finishes like exposed concrete and brick walls.

Rustic industrial floor lamp 

If you have wooden lounge furniture that has its natural texture and pattern, your lounge would already have a rustic appearance to it.

To add to that rustic look, throw in an industrial farmhouse lamp in a black finish. This rustic floor lamps for living room use has a neutral toned lampshade with heavy grain texture, that will bring your room’s surfaces to life.

Modern rustic floor lamps for living room

Besides the main lamp, there is a night light below the shade in a cage-like shape with an exposed bulb that adds a very modest yet noticeable detail to the lamp. You can choose to keep both lights off and use the lamp for its visual value in the day or you can turn them both on for maximum light.

You can also turn one on and the other off, giving you the flexibility to use the lamp differently in a variety of occasions, such as an end table.

Rustic farmhouse floor lamps

Rustic floor lamps sometimes take inspiration from nature, such as Kenroy Home Rustic Floor Lamp.

This interesting floor lamp has the basic silhouette of a standing lamp but takes inspiration from a tree branch, bringing an organic visual element into your living room.

The lampshade is made of oil paper which harmonizes the whole combination because of its light sheen in contrast to the irregular, natural body of the lamp.

Country floor lamps

Due to its material association, rustic floor lamp for living room space adds warmth to any room, especially one that already has warmer colors as a base on the walls or furniture items. This lamp would look enchanting next to a window in the country with a natural view, making it look like a cozy hobbit home from a fiction book. However, it might look out of place with an urban cityscape window view.

So if you live in the suburbs and or a farmhouse, the Kenroy nature inspired lamp would bring the best of your surroundings inside, while if you’re in an urban setting, an industrial floor lamp such as the metal one above would seem to be the better choice.

Edison rustic floor lamp

Look also at the popular Edison rustic floor lamp which combines elegance and modernity with nostalgic industrial-style features. Edison lamps could be your choice of rustic floor lamps for living room use.

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