Alternatives to an Arc Standard Lamp from Costco

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I can understand why you are considering to get an arc floor lamp at Costco. Arc floor lamps reach out to spread their light over you. They office a special kind of illumination with a touch of class. If your living room or bedroom is scant on overhead lighting, the chances are good that you’ll need a lamp that blends into your décor but also provides light for you to read or work on your laptop.

Brightech alternative to arc floor lamp at Costco

A Costco arc arm floor lamp is guaranteed to come at a discount price and the Logan LED Floor Lamp surprises one that affordability can come with such upscale sophistication. A Costco arc lamp such as this Brightech lamp blends easily into any kind of design scheme. The lamp can be ideally positioned over any furniture piece and the adjustable arc telescopes up to 44 inches from the pole.

The lamp’s max height is 76 inches and the heavy rectangular base isn’t too large to slide under furniture. The beautiful shade of the lamp is positioned on top of an attractive brass pole. The lamp is UL certified and comes with a 9.5-watt power-saving LED light. Can you believe that the light will last for more than 20 years without burning? Exceptional lighting from Costco

Another smart arc lamp alternative

BrightHome is another LED arc floor lamp at Costco that offers the homeowner exceptional lighting. The hanging drum shade is made of a lovely cream-colored fabric that lets just the right amount of light shine through and provides the room with a warm glow.

The DSI arc floor lamp Costco means that you can alter the level of lighting you want.

This modern floor lamp’s marble base ensures it stands firm around boisterous kids. The arc LED arc floor lamp at Costco comes with a footswitch on the lamp’s cord. All E26 base light bulbs work with this easily assembled lamp. It’s such a slender-looking lamp with its stylish black finish that fits in with any décor style.

Arc Floor Lamp Ikea

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