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An arc floor lamp Ikea adds style and purpose to any living space. Furnishing your room with a number of sources of light improves the general ambience while at the same time reducing eye fatigue. Too much or too little can leave your eyes tired.

After night has fallen, when a sufficient amount of light reflects of your walls, it gives the illusion of space. This makes smaller spaces appear larger than they are. On the other hand, a single source of light makes a room appear smaller.

This is the reason lighting specialists and interior designers always recommend light source layering, with overlapping spectrums of task, ambient and accent lighting sources.

IKEA arch lamp

To better illustrate this, accent lighting is used to brighten a corner, or direct attention to a particular feature (an art piece or a furnishing, for example).

Ambient lighting is a background source of light, casting not only a softer light but a general light as well, for the overall mood of the room.

SKAFTET arc floor lamp IKEA

An IKEA floor lamp arched such as the SKAFTET is a perfect example of a task light. It is used to cast adjustable illumination for tasks such as working, reading or hanging out, ideally sans shadows or glare. Choose your own style of lamp shade to complement the dramatic arc of the SKAFTET lamp.

When all three are combined, you will realize harmonious luminescence that is layered with purpose, mood and nuance.

IKEA overhanging lamp

An IKEA overhanging lamp can also be a three-in-one lighting solution by partnering it with an output adjusting dimmer and the right light bulb. It can be a task light, ambient light and accent light, rolled into one.

More often though an arc floor lamp from IKEA is a coming together of two out of the three light sources, usually ambient and task. This is the reason we strongly believe every room should contain an IKEA arc floor lamp, which is used to complement other light sources nearby and overhead.

Ikea Vidja Floor Lamp

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