Brightech Sparq Arc LED Floor Lamp

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Why choose a lamp like the Brightech Sparq Arc LED Floor Lamp? The beauty about the arc-LED floor lamps is that they are amazingly lightweight and versatile. You can use them in lots of different ways and they do the job efficiently. You can enhance your reading corner with these adjustable lamps and certainly, they can do exceedingly well for overhead lighting at your dining table.

Brightech Sparq Arc LED Floor Lamp Modern Standing 67″ Tall Arch

With the Brightech Sparq Arc LED floor lamp, you really can’t get a more uncluttered look than with this minimalistic lamp. It blends in perfectly with all kinds of décor. The curved metal and plastic stick type lamp is super lightweight but still provides lighting for an entire room. It offers 3 levels of brightness and also has a built-in dimmer switch on the cord.

Customers who buy the Brightech Sparq Arc LED Floor Lamp reveal how utterly amazed people are at the lamp’s excellent lighting capabilities, saying you could even perform surgery with it. The 2,000 lumens ensure this. You’ll get 20,000 hours of light from this trendy lamp and won’t be replacing the bulb any time soon..

The Brightech Sparq Arc LED floor lamp is a sleek, slender light, but it has a heavy base to ensure it stays firmly in place. The Brightech Sparq 2 LED arc floor lamp comes with Brightech’s 3-year product warranty too.

Brightech 5 Multi-Headed Arc Floor Lamp

If you’re wanting something slightly more exotic looking, the Brightech Orion 5 LED Arc Lamp will delight you. It has a sturdy weighted base to prevent it from tipping. The mesmerizing 5 lights dazzle and come with 22.5 Watts of LED lights that will last 20 years.

You plug the lamp in with the plug at the end of a 5-foot long cord. Its 3,000K warm white LED technology with 2,250 lumens ensures this stylish lamp is high up on everyone’s interior décor list.

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