cb2 Big Dipper Arc Brass Floor Lamp

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The biggest advantage of floor lamps is that they’re so versatile and they blend in well with carpets, tiles, wood, or stone. Brass floor lamps also look arty against windows or walls. Speaking of their versatility, you can use them as stand-alone lamps or allow them to blend in with your other lights.

cb2 Big Dipper Arc Brass Floor Lamp

Whether it’s the cb2 big dipper arc brass floor lamp or the stylish Archiology arched floor lamp, they’re elegant enough to become the focal point in your study, your bedroom, or living room. The floor lamp from Archiology has a sturdy metal arched arm with its beautiful sturdy metal shade. It also comes with a heavy base to ensure it doesn’t tip over.

The cb2 Big Dipper Arc Brass Floor Lamp requires being assembled but it’s easy to set up, taking no longer than 10 minutes. The assembled length of the lamp is 5.9 inches. With its LED energy-saving bulbs, you can be sure of an extended life of the bulbs. Switch the lamp on and off with the footswitch and a 5-foot power cord.

Arched floor lamp from Brightech

The Brightech Olivia Over The Couch Arc Floor Lamp is a sophisticated-looking UL-certified lamp with its 9” domed metal shade of a golden color. Could your bedroom or living room do with a bit of a revamp? You’ll be amazed at what just one or two interesting accessories can do to brighten up a room. The Olivia Over the Coucn Arc floor lamp is tall, standing at 6 feet and 4 inches in height.

Simply move the lamp around to wherever you want to show off with it or where you require adequate lighting while reading, working on your computer, or something else. It is also an Alexa and Smart Home compatible lamp with warm white LED bulbs.

You can seriously improve your home’s lighting with this trendy energy-efficient floor lamp. And you also get Brightech’s 3-year product warranty, ensuring this stylish lamp keeps the look of your place right up to date year after year. So it’s this one or the cb2 Big Dipper Arc Brass Floor Lamp. Choose and order now!


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