Beautiful IKEA Standard Lamp

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A stunning IKEA standing lamp will add an accent and practicality to your living space.

Let us talk about IKEA lighting for a moment. Great lighting makes a space shine while bad lighting makes a space, at best, feel uninviting and at worst, completely impractical.

Most with the least – that is all overhead lighting is aiming for. A solitary ceiling sconce must illuminate an entire room. While practical, it is not prudent to rely only on overhead lighting for all your illumination needs.

Overhead lighting can be completely replaced by an IKEA LERSTA standing lamp. Their vibe is more versatile and cozy.

The ideal IKEA standing lamp for reading

This aluminum standing floor lamp by IKEA stands perfectly by your sofa or favorite armchair as you read. The lamp’s arm is easily directed so as to aim the light where it is needed when you are about to sit down and read.

Lersta IKEA Standing Lamp Details

The base plate is made out of aluminum and clear lacquer, while the base weight is manufactured from polyethylene.

Additionally, the tube and shade are similarly made of clear lacquer and aluminum, and the joint is constructed from sturdy steel.

The dimensions of this modern floor lamp from Ikea are 62 inches in height, 6-inch shade diameter and 6’4” cord length.

Light bulbs are bought separately, with IKEA recommending the LEDARE LED Light Bulb E26 400 Lumen.

Care instructions include using a mild cleaner and damp cloth to wipe clean, thereafter wiping dry with a clean cloth.

Best IKEA floor lamp

The Lersta is the best floor lamp from IKEA. Some of the advantages of this LED floor lamp product include:

• Affordability
• Can reach any outlet in your home with its long cord
• Tipping over of this standing lamp is prevented by the shelf floor lamp’s sturdy base
• Aluminum finish blends in with most home decors
• Lamp features three color temperatures to suit any mood’s lighting requirements
• Scores highly in several floor lamp metrics such as easy assemblage, energy efficiency and value for money.

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