Choose the Elegant IKEA LED Uplighter Lamp

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The Ikea “NOT” Uplight Floor lamp is the ideal and affordable IKEA LED floor lamp for office, living room or home library.

Measuring 69 inches in height, the IKEA “NOT” Uplight Reading Floor Lamp comes with a 5W E26 Lumen LED light bulb, also from IKEA.

This IKEA floor lamp comes in both white and black colors and features dimensions of 10 inch base diameter and 3 feet cord length.

Why this IKEA LED floor lamp is among the best IKEA floor lamps

• The lamp shade is manufactured out of semi-opaque, durable plastic
• The cord is designed to be pet-friendly
• Assembling is made easier by in depth instruction manual
• Build quality is super-simple

If you are looking for a floor lamp that will give off soft mood lighting, this Ikea floor lamp model is the one for you.

The defining characteristic of the IKEA NOT floor lamp is the rice paper IKEA floor lamp shade. The sturdy base is wide enough to prevent it from tipping over. Its arm, which is adjustable, allows you to direct light where it is needed.

Plug it into any outlet in the room, thanks to its cord, which measures 9 inches in length. Additionally, its tri-color, built-in temperatures will suit whichever mood you are in, as well as satisfy your lighting requirements.

This affordable and sturdy floor lamp from IKEA requires minimal assembly, but thanks to its thorough instruction manual, it should take no time at all.

For those that prefer a diffused, even light distribution, it is recommended that they use an opal light bulb if you own a regular lamp shade.

IKEA LED Reading Floor Lamp

This IKEA LED Reading Floor Lamp is ideal for reading or working, be it at home or at the office.
The NOT IKEA floor lamp with an LED bulb can be placed in your office and your home, making it highly flexible. This standing lamp is unobtrusive yet attractive.

It also ships with clips that facilitate the cord being held in place against the pole.

The care of this IKEA LED Floor lamp model involves light dusting using a dust cloth.

Read more about incorporating IKEA floor lamps into your décor, and look particularly at the Hektar lamp from Ikea.

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