Curved Floor Lamp IKEA 

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Curved floor lamp IKEA have been expertly formulated to ensure superior lighting while you work at your computer or you’re reading. People want a trendy portable light – an alternative to difficult-to-please pendant lamps. Fixed pendant lights can’t be directed to where you need light most. These cool curved lights from IKEA provide a lightweight portable, creative lighting solution wherever you’re sitting.

Curved floor lamp IKEA arc lamp

The easy-to-use Curved IKEA Lersta Arched Floor Lamp is full of convenience. You can power the lightweight lamp through the USB port on your computer or a regular power socket.

This curved floor lamp IKEA offers is adjustable so you can direct the light up or down as you like. The super-slim desk lamp made from bent metal piping stands at about 13 inches in height and the cord length is 6 feet, 3 inches in length.

The LED light source consumes up to 85% less energy and it’s also going to last 20 times longer than your regular incandescent bulbs. In fact, you’re looking at the light lasting up to 25,000 hours. The IKEA curved lamp also comes with a CE marking which means it meets EU safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.

Another IKEA arc floor lamp – the IKEA Harte lamp

Then there’s the nifty IKEA 902.382.67 Harte LED Work Lamp which can be powered through the USB port on your computer if you like. With an IKEA curved lamp like this, you can swish the light in any direction you wish. It’s also made from flexible bent metal pipe.

With floor lamps like these with built-in LED light sources, Harte lives up to its slogan ’Making as much as possible from as little as possible’. Stylish and modern, these adjustable, brightly illuminating reading lamps make sure that the lamps come at affordable prices too.

Keeping costs down, these stylish lamps promise to work hour after hour, year after year. With their simply attractive designs, particularly the curved floor lamp IKEA has, they’re must-have fashion classics.

Ikea LED Floor Lamp

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