Modern Lamp

Stunning MCM Arc Floor Lamp

You can add a touch of elegance to your bedroom and living room with the MCM Arc Floor Lamp. This is a mid-century modern arc lamp. Designed to illuminate bedrooms and living rooms in style. This lamp is suitable for all kinds of room decorations and artistic designs. It is the perfect lamp for reading,…

Favorite Amazon Modern Standard Lamps

Two floor lamps you have probably never seen or even imagined. Choose from these lovely lamps and order online.

New MCM Standing Lamp

The Mid Century Modern (MCM) Standing Lamp is beautiful. It is an excellent creation in the category of modern floor standing lamps. It comes in a minimalist design, making it a classic and stylish lamp to add to any interior décor. Some of the main features of an MCM standing lamp include natural linen lampshades….

Contemporary Floor Lamps Cheap Now!

When buying contemporary floor lamps for your home, it’s important to consider the cheap options that will save you some money. In your bid to save money, you need floor lamps that will match contemporary room décor. These contemporary floor lights cheap at Amazon fit into tight spaces because of their slim and minimalistic design….

Modern Black and Gold Floor Lamp

Just when you thought you knew all the floor lamps out there. Look at these two unusually beautiful black-and-gold standard lamps…

Super Modern Matching Floor and Table Lamps

Two beautiful sets of table and floor lamps available now at Amazon. Compare the two styles and take your pick.

Best Designer Floor Lamps Now!

Here’s a stunning designer floor lamp – one of the best designed modern LED lamps now available at Amazon

Superb Brightech Orion 5 LED Modern Floor Lamp

The Brightech Orion 5 floor lamp is a wonderful addition to home or office. Let five bright lamps light your life.

New Joly Joy LED Modern Floor Lamp

The Joly Joy LED modern floor lamp is a stylish, plain and simple stick lamp that delivers a pool of bright white light.