Decorative Floor Lamps for Living Room

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Many people prefer to use lighting fixtures in their everyday lives and use lamps mainly for their visual worth. Decorative floor lamps for living room placement indeed do act like functional yet sculptural items for homes.

Statement decorative floor lamps for living room

If you’re looking for a floor lamp to use as a decorative item, you have a lot of options as you won’t be looking for specific task lighting. The only thing you would then keep in mind is your personal visual inclination towards any style. Do you like silver or gold? Must the lamp serve as a reading lamp too? You can choose to go with designer floor lamps for living rooms, or you can explore your local options that are handcrafted.

Luxury floor lamps for living room

You can go with a modern living room home decoration floor light that is used for ambient lighting in the form of corner lamps or something a bit more detailed like the tall and earthy toned Chiphy floor lamp.

This lamp creates a soft halo wherever you place it. The material and pattern creates a smooth gradient of light to dark, from mid to bottom. When turned off, this gradient is seen in color and shade, from white to whatever color you decide to purchase.

There are three intensity levels for the lighting. This lamp can be placed in spaces that do not require utility lighting but would require a welcoming environment.

Modern floor lamps for living room

Decorative floor lamps do not necessarily have to have an ornate shape. They can be unpretentious in form like a corner floor lamp or a Nordic decoration home floor lamp for living room, that are just used to highlight dull corners of your room and use the immaterial quality of light as decoration.

Unique floor lamps under $100

You can use multifunctional smart lamps as decorative lamps. These do not look very elaborate when turned off, but the real magic starts when you turn them on. This floor lamp has an in-built system that connects to the music you play, changing colors or brightness in response to sound.

They also have in-built voice recognition that allows you to control it through voice command using smart apps like Google assistant or Alexa, making your lamp the life of the party.

Silver floor lamps for living room

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