Farmhouse Floor Lamps for Living Room

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Farmhouse floor lamps for living room placement are lamps that have a rustic and raw quality to them. They mostly use wood or metal, often paired with a rugged fabric or sometimes with exposed industrial lighting. They characterize the look and feel of a farmhouse in a natural setting although they do not necessarily have to be placed in a farmhouse space. They may be the best floor lamps for your living space.

Floor lamp farmhouse style

Primitive country floor lamps can give your lounge a complete and finished look, tying all of your items together because of the materials and textures used in them.

Antique farmhouse floor lamp

One such example is the brilliant design of Ferris Rustic Farmhouse Pharmacy Floor Lamp. This lamp is the perfect marriage between industrial and natural textures. It has a distinguishable yet modest silhouette like a street lamp, making it look like somewhat of an art piece.

The metal neck rises from the wooden textured body and is adjustable in height. This lamp would look lovely placed next to your favorite sofa chair, or in the best corner of your living room. It would also do justice to any warm toned accent wall or wallpaper that you might have in your room as a backdrop.

Rustic floor lamps

Another cozy looking farmhouse floor lamp which is more on the embellished side is the DLLT LED Floor Lamp. This lamp has a black metal body and lampshade, which is paired with a bamboo weave that adds a well-thought detail to the lamp.

When turned on, light leaks out from the weave pattern, resembling sunlight leaking through foliage. This adds an organic character to the otherwise industrial body.

Farmhouse floor lamps for living room

The weave also helps to diffuse the light and makes the lamp comfortable to look at by avoiding direct glare. It comes in a three head option as well, in which three lampshades hang down like lanterns on a tree. In conclusion, farmhouse lamps are visually well designed products that help make your home look even homelier.

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