Elegant Gold Curved Floor Light

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A gold curved floor light has an effortless leaning arc that put emphasis on any corner that its placed in, or any furniture item that it is paired with. These lamps have great utility as they can be used for reading purposes, over breakfast tables, or simply over a cozy armchair for a soft and comforting ambience.

Gold arc floor lamp with marble base

Brightech has a range of curved floor lamps for your interiors, like the Brightech Logan contemporary gold arc lamp that has an exquisite and natural marble base. The lampshade of this gold curved floor light is a warmer shade of white that glows a beautiful amber when turned on, creating a homely atmosphere. The bulb can also be replaced with a cooler tone if needed.

Gold arch standing lamp made of brass

This gold curved floor light is compatible with smartphone applications as well. The lamp’s elegant and neutral design gives you the flexibility to place it in any room you please, be it a living room, a sitting corner in your bedroom, a home office or the dining. If you have a covered porch or terrace that is protected from the rain, don’t be afraid to see how it looks there, as it will surely upgrade any space it is placed in.

Gold globe standing lamp

Another golden arc lamp that instantly catches one’s eye is Brightech’s Olivia. Like its name, the lamp has a certain grace to it. With its lampshade the same material as its body, the whole product sits in harmony on a silver base. The head is almost a globe shaped form that itself vaguely reflects its surroundings and gives the room another dimension.

Modern gold globe arch floor lamp

This lamp, like the previous one can also be placed in any space and finish its entire look. It will balance the heights in a room, while acting like a chic sculptural element. So if you’re looking for a range of golden arc lamp designs, do take a look at Brightech’s collection of gold curved floor lights and rest assured that you’ll find one that catches your eye.

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