Striking Navy Blue and Gold Floor lamp

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One simply cannot think of the word royal and not associate it with the combination of navy blue and gold. This classic color duo has been around for ages and has been used in fabrics, interiors, paintings, tiles, jewelry and you guessed it, lamps!

A navy blue and gold floor lamp can finish up interiors that have darker color palettes, or lighter neutral gray and white themes. It can be paired with black details as well. This combination is visually heavier than most, meaning that it acts like a center piece and draws attention towards itself. Which is why, navy blue and gold floor lamps are best placed in a minimal setting so they can radiate the magnificence expected of them.

Blue floor lamp for living room

A classic styled example of such a navy blue and gold floor lamp is the Possini Euro Design Lamp that has curved details at the neck and base. The lampshade is a lovely shade of navy blue, which is accentuated by the black bronze body that has a slight hint of gold. You can pair this lamp with gold décor items such as planters or art pieces with gold details.

If you place this navy blue lamp with neutral sofas or bedding, decorate with navy blue cushions to make your items seem well curated and selected. You can also create a contrast and pair it with shades of red or yellow. This will make your room instantly lively and welcoming to the eye.

Dark blue etagere floor lamp

Another great navy blue lamp is the simple and well-designed lamp with an in-built shelf by the brand Simple Designs Home. This lamp has a 3 tiered shelf under it in a cuboid that frames the entire form.

This navy blue and gold floor lamp is great for any room as it has multifunctional utility as well as a stylish design. It comes in many colors, including blue as well as gold. So if you have an interior that lacks some gold details and needs lightening up, you may go with the gold option, whereas if you need some weight and color, navy blue has the ability to add value to almost any room.

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