Adorable Rose Gold Free Standing Lamp

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The reason many people go for a rose gold standard lamp is because of their regal and finished look. Floor lamps are a complete package when it comes to utility paired with interior adornment. Gold floor lamps seem to be a very popular choice in the freestanding lighting category. Even the most contemporary or rustic of designs become appropriate for formal as well as casual spaces when colored gold. Older brass lamps tend to get stained or develop a patina effect.

Rose gold floor lamp popularity

You can either embrace this rustic and imperfect effect, or you can remove it with baking soda and water paste or vinegar and salt solution by letting it sit for 20-30 minutes. You can rub a little oil on them for a brand new sheen, making your lamp good as new. Gold lamps range from modern designs to classical and ornamental ones. So it depends on you and your predilections what you decide to go with and what kind of gold catches your fancy.

With the current rise in usage of pastel themes in modern interior spaces, rose gold floor standing lamps are now more in demand than ever before. A rose gold standard lamp makes all the other colors in a room suddenly pop, especially if you have a pastel toned interior. The beautiful pink color pairs well with muted shades of green, blue, purple and gray. When paired with a black and white interior, these rose gold free standing lamps bring an unmatched liveliness.

Rose gold floor lamp with copper

If your preferences are more inclined towards classical or elaborate designs, the brand Elegant Designs offers a mother-daughter branched lamp design in rose gold, as well as other options, that are both sleek and ornate.

The lamp has curved details on its neck and bell shaped white glass lampshades. These subtle intricacies make this rose gold standard lamp the perfect item for your living room or formal guest areas, being the cherry on top for your selection of interior finishes and furnishing.

This rose gold standard lamp, because of its form as well as color would also complement an interior that has floral elements in the décor. For example, if you a plain sofa set with floral cushions or floral patterned curtains, this lamp would bring that detail to the third dimension, tying your whole look together.

Rose gold LED floor lamp

On the other hand, if you like clean straight lines and still love shades of pink, a rose gold Brightech Montage Modern Lamp would fit your liking like a glove.

This is a beautiful and simple rose gold standard lamp design that has a modern aesthetic for its rosy body as well as its white, drum shaped lampshade. It leans forward and can be placed above sofas, chairs, side tables or next to bookshelves or console tables. It can also be used as a reading lamp in your home library or above your study desk.

This rose gold standard lamp is smartphone application compatible, meaning that it can be connected to Google Assistant or Alexa for convenience of usage. The product comes with a 3-year warranty as well as an LED bulb that lasts for about 20 years, making it a durable purchase and one that won’t give you many troubles.

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