Beautiful Green and Gold Floor Lamp

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There is nothing like a hint of gold in green and gold floor lamps to really make that emerald green floor lamp pop. Green represents freshness and gold symbolizes grandeur. So it comes as no surprise that when green and gold are used in home furnishings and décor items, they make your home reminiscent of a magical and timeless place only seen in the movies. Green and gold has always been a timeless combination.

Floor lamp with green shade

If you’re a fan of green and gold, you will absolutely love the ELYONA LED Modern Standing Light. This lamp has a beautiful gold body that is comprised of straight lines and angles that are chamfered to create a softer, more inviting look. The lamp comes with two lampshades; a Castleton green and an off-white. This lets you switch between the two if you get bored over a long period of time, or just in case one is in need to cleaning.

This green and gold floor lamp has a brushed gold base and the overall design is elegant and minimal. This lamp is unassumingly chic in style and can be placed in modern interiors that can flaunt a green lamp with pride.

Tiffany- style dark green and gold floor lamp

Another lamp that is unafraid of its greens is the Leaf and Vine II Traditional Victorian Tiffany Style Lamp. This design sports an intricately hand-crafted shade that is made from over 200 hand-cut, copper foil soldered glass pieces in green, brown, cream and amber colors. These pieces display their true glory when the lamp is turned on.

The base of the lamp is in bronze finish and column with soft gold accents. These little details make this lamp truly enchanting for the on-lookers. This style of lamp would look great in your space if you’ve got furnishings and décor in the sample hues taken from the lampshade, like brown, off-white, beige and of course dark and light muted greens. Choose a green and gold floor lamp from these two beauties. (Or you can go for a black and rose gold floor lamp.)

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