Black and rose gold floor lamp

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Why choose a black and rose gold floor lamp? Rose gold is a distinctive and charming shade of gold that rarely needs other colors to enrich it further. A rose gold detail needs no other aid than a modest black to have it achieve its complete potential. A rose gold and black lamp in any room acts as an accent piece purely because of this combination of colors. When artfully designed, these rose gold and black floor lamps can be one of the most beautiful options you might find.

Versanora arc copper rose floor lamp

Take the Versanora Arc Lamp black and rose gold floor lamp for example. With a minimal, lean and strikingly structured black arc overhang, this floor lamp carries a rose gold reflective dome lampshade. This lampshade is the pearl in the shell for this lamp and gives it its allure.

The coppery gold lamp needs nothing more than a plain black line to accentuate the perfect shape of the dome. For this product to display itself as it should, you merely need a neutral white or gray background wall and some contemporary furniture pieces like an elegant yet simple chair and a step stool to go with it.

It can also be paired with a black plant pot that nurtures a fresh green indoor plant. If you want to place this in your home office and want to add further color, you may pair it with a darker blue work chair, a lighter blue and white painting with a black frame, and simple white or gray furniture.

Black and rose gold floor lamp

Another great black and rose gold floor lamp design that makes use of this combination is the JONATHAN Y Tribeca lamp. This lamp has a rose gold body that supports a double lampshade. The lampshade is a pink metal mesh drum which is placed inside a shallow and black drum in the same material. This detail adds an oomph factor to the lamp design.

The body and internal layer of the head is a lighter rose gold and camouflages itself into the background, whereas the black metal mesh draws attention to itself and then directs it to the lighter shade. Although this lamp is not as much of a showpiece as the last one, it has a humble design that can be placed in a pair as well.

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