Superior Gold and Pink Floor Lamp

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When pink is detailed with gold, as in a gold and pink floor lamp, it’s often reminiscent of the hues in a pink and gold sky nearing sunset. This beautiful combination exists in nature in many forms. A pink and gold floor lamp does not necessarily need to go in a space with a pink or rosy theme. The most common color combinations are pink with many shades of blue, muted shades of green, browns and grays. These colors balance the pink out and create a visually wholesome effect on your room.

Gold and pink floor lamps for bedroom

A gold and pink floor lamp that’s wildly popular on Amazon is the Decor Therapy Framboise Lamp. The gold leaf finish on the body of this lamp is applied so that it retains its natural texture. The lamp shade has a pink fringe falling from the edges of a disk. Gorgeous, not so?

The gold leaf finish partially mirrors the pink of the lampshade as well as other colors from its surroundings, making it fit into any space it is meant to embellish. This gold and pink floor lamp has a flamboyant and decorative style. It is simple in overall form but the fringe adds a bold detail to it.

Blush pink floor lamp for tasks

A light pink floor lamp that is not quite so ornamental is the modern design of the pastel pink and rose gold Brightech Zoey lamp. This is a tall reading lamp that has a rotatable head with a beautiful rose gold ring around it. The finish of the lamp’s body is a matte pastel pink, because of which the lamp retains its contemporary feel.

This gold and pink floor lamp can be placed into any modern setting and can be used as a reading lamp, a study lamp, or simply a corner lamp. It can be paired with other furniture and because of its goose neck, it will direct attention towards the item you decide to place.

5 head pink floor lamp

As a special bonus I want to tell you about the pink Medusa Multi-Head Floor lamp boasting no fewer than five adjustable heads. The Medusa is a fun lamp that comes with a variety of color shades. It’s great for the playroom or nursery.

While there are no pink shades as such, the white shades give off a pleasing pale glow. Do consider the convenience of being able to point the lamp heads in any direction. It’s a fun alternative to a classic gold and pink floor lamp.

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