Beautiful White and Gold Tripod Floor Lamp

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There is no combination as heavenly and pure as the coupling of white and gold. From Zeus, to Cleopatra, this combination has been used through the ages as a sign of divinity and is unbeatable in terms of timelessness. A white and gold tripod floor lamp is no exception to this. These lamps can be used to enhance an interior space no matter what the theme is.

White and gold tripod floor lamp by Brightech

The Brightech Jaxon Lamp is an example of a white and gold tripod floor lamp. This lamp, like all tripod lamps, is stable on its three legs and has a lesser chance of toppling over even if you have children or pets who run around the house all day. The neutral white color of the classic shallow cylinder lampshade and the ambient glow of light make it pleasing to the eye.

The Brightech white and gold tripod floor lamp has three metal legs that meet briefly nearing the top and then diverge again, supporting the lampshade. This lamp can be placed at a location of your choice, but would look best in high activity spaces, in room corners or along walls, standing independently as a showpiece.

White and gold modern gold floor lamp

Another lamp that uses the combination of gold and white and does so artfully, is the FOLKSMATE Store’s overhanging lamp. This lamp is a right angled overhang lamp with a yellow gold body that bears an off-white shade of cylindrical shape. The base is sturdy and is the same finish as the body.

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The lamp can be used as a reading lamp or simply for décor purposes. This lamp comes with a 2-year warranty and LED bulb that can span up to 50,000 hours and save 90% of the energy used by an incandescent bulb.

Both of these cheap white and gold lamps have an elegant and minimal design, which you won’t get tired of seeing even after years and multiple interior changes.

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