Best IKEA Black Floor Lamp

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Office or home illumination is overlooked because it is not a popular subject matter. As long as the overhead lighting is providing the brightness required, what is the big deal? Ikea black floor lamps add another dimension to your lighting, as functional appliances and as decorative pieces as well.

Free-standing floor lamps such as an IKEA Black Standing Lamp are positioned throughout your office or home to provide supplementary concentrated illumination. They serve many purposes while complimenting the fixed lighting.

IKEA Black Floor Lamp

The black IKEA NAVLINGE series floor lamp (also available in white, as shown here) is used in a myriad of ways. Their design is neat, blending into most rooms while being simple to use throughout the home – and providing excellent, glare-free light.

Firstly, the NAVLINGE black floor lamp is an exceptional reading floor lamp. For those that enjoy curling up and reading before bed, this IKEA black floor lamp create the right atmosphere for this task. Your eyes will remain unstrained because the floor lamp’s concentrated light is made just for purposes like these.

Secondly, the IKEA NAVLINGE floor lamp in black provides fantastic ambient lighting. It can be faced up against the wall and create a subtle lighting effect, or it can be used to put a spotlight on decorative elements.

IKEA Skaftet Floor Lamp

The SKAFTET floor lamp base offers overhead lighting – without a ceiling outlet. Floor space can be saved by sliding the SKAFTET lamp base under a sofa or table. Combine this IKEA floor lamp base with a lamp shade of your choice to create your own unique, personalized floor lamp.

An IKEA arc floor lamp is designed around a long pole that is attached to the lamp’s base. This long pole extends the lamp out and over a bed, table or sofa.

Black IKEA arcing floor lamps are ideal for illuminating an entire seating space, such as a couch. It is also a dramatic type of floor lamp, arcing over you. This IKEA black floor lamp can also be positioned over your dining room table, in place of an overhead light or a chandelier.

If you want something slightly more decorative, consider a gold floor lamp from IKEA.

IKEA leads the way in affordable, stylish floor lamps.

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