IKEA Floor Lamps for Living Room

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IKEA floor lamps for living room spaces provide you with strong lighting while adding a decorative spin to your living room.

Lighting is a key factor when decorating your living room. Good lighting sets a mood, accentuates small furniture, corners or nooks. Lighting can also be used in the creation of intimate spaces.

IKEA light fixtures

Floor lamps are a lower level lighting that is used to compliment the appearance of décor and control your living room’s glow. Lighting from overhead can be garish and harsh. By turning on a floor lamp and turning off your overhead lighting, an intimate feel is immediately created.

Floor lamps when applied in combination with other lighting types, add to a room’s dimension. Lighting, like clothing, can be layered, giving you lighting options throughout the day for all manner of tasks.

Best IKEA floor lamps

IKEA, the favorite retailer of many consumers, offers various floor lamp choices that compliment numerous living rooms. IKEA may be best known for their storage and furniture solutions, but also sell a wide variety of living room floor lamps.

Their designs, stylistically, range from utilitarian (such as a lamp with shelves) and simple to highly decorative and unique. The HOVNAS floor lamp falls into the latter category.

IKEA floor lamps for living room – HOVNAS Floor Lamp

Created from alloy steel, the HOVNAS steel colored floor lamp from IKEA uses LED light bulbs as its light source type. Its power source is corded electric, while its shade material features a mix of plastic, alloy steel and aluminum.

A finger touch is all you need to turn this simple living room floor lamp from IKEA on and off. Its dimmer is similarly easy to operate.

IKEA LED floor lamp

A softer lighting can be achieved by dimming the glow of the light bulb with the in-built, touch dimmer. This allows for a variety of lighting intensities for different uses.

Arguably its most attractive setting creates a cozy, soft mood light in your living room. Light dimming saves energy therefore you will be able to lessen your electricity use. IKEA floor lamps for living room decor are the answer.

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