Patio Living Outdoor Floor Lamps

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Patio living outdoor floor lamps (or for semi-outdoor spaces) have the potential to be the soul of a house. If you pay as much attention to these spaces as you do to your interiors, rest assured that your quality of life will improve visibly. It is not always possible to add fixtures to your walls or ceiling for additional lighting.

Patio living outdoor floor lamps

Outdoor standing floor lamps are therefore the best way to enhance your patio or terrace without committing to anything permanently.

If you like your lawn neatly manicured like an English garden, and if you have hedges that are cut into clean shapes, you might be interested in purchasing the JONATHAN Y Outdoor Woven Globe lamp.

This lamp although has a woven shade, is shaped into a sphere as if inspired by a hedge that is shaped by none other than Edward Scissorhands himself. Because the globe is elevated on a pole, this waterproof lamp looks whimsical and dainty.

Trellis floor lamp

Another lamp that is visually inspired by traditional techniques and vintage materiality, yet has a modern shape is the Kenroy Home Trellis Floor Lamps.

This lamp is a cuboid covered in an unevenly woven lattice with uniform lighting that would be comfortable to the eyes and spread evenly outdoors, maintaining a warm and homely environment. The wires of the lattice make the lamp partially camouflage when placed against a backdrop of trees or plants.

One of the many wonders of light is that it can create a space without creating physical boundaries. The area under a street lamp automatically feels more comfortable than the area between two.

Patio living outdoor floor lamp

Similarly, if you have a patio or veranda that gives you the heebie-jeebies after the sun goes down, invest in patio living outdoor floor lamps. Rely on your patio floor lamp to keep the ghosts at bay, and never worry about darkness after sunset again.

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