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Several sources of light create a homelier atmosphere that is not achievable with overhead lighting only. IKEA table lamps are easily placed – console table, piano, sideboard – the BARLAST IKEA floor lamp requires space of its own.

BARLAST IKEA floor lamp review

The trick is in finding a perfect place to position the BARLAST lamp that does not interrupt traffic flow or see it relegated in a corner. Ideally, the entirety of your IKEA floor lamp should be seen, from base to shade.

An IKEA floor lamp is considered as the finishing touch to any room, because it is a style statement, offers targeted task illumination and emits a soft uplight. Some of history’s most iconic floor lamp designs have come from IKEA, such as their rice paper shade floor lamps, minimalist-inspired floor lamp designs and functionally-useable task lighting floor lamps.

Benefits of an IKEA lamp

A regular IKEA standing lamp gives off a single source of light and depending on the bulb type and shade it comes in, a cozy, diffused glow. However, there are various IKEA floor lamp styles that offer adjustable as well as directional accent lighting.

How much would you like your IKEA floor lamp to be decorative as opposed to functional? IKEA offers a number of floor lamps that are one or the other, as well as both. The IKEA BARLAST floor lamp is understated and streamlined, with a medium-sized shade. It is the perfect size for most rooms, as it is not too tall for rooms with lower ceilings nor too short for larger, airier rooms.

More than the BARLAST IKEA

Think larger, IKEA overreach floor lamps, multiple light fittings (also called tree lamps) or task lamps. Task lamps are floor lamps that are positioned to suit the type of lighting you require.

The BARLAST IKEA floor lamp is a timeless design that offers craftsmanship, quality and personality, to say nothing of value for your money.


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