Amazing Tall Bedside Lamps

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Tall lamps make a great decor addition to your bedroom. They come in many different decor styles to suit any room in your home. Looking for tall bedside lamps that add a romantic touch to your room? Get these lamps for any budget. They are manageable, being lightweight, even though some of them can be 5 to 7 feet tall. Many of them have foot switches where you step on the switch to operate them.

30” tall table lamps

The Jonathan Y bedroom lamp has a beautiful drum shaped lamp shade of 100% cotton hardback. It comes with a soft white LED light and a simple 1-way switch. Tall bedroom lamps like this add style to any bedroom, lounge, study or nursery.

The Jonathan Y bedroom lamp is standard light bulb compliant. LED bulbs will use 90% less energy than incandescents. This stylish glass and brass Column bedroom lamp has a translucent base. Tall bedside lamps are a winning focal point in any room in your home. It is also compatible with Philips Hue and Alexa smart outlets. These sell on their own.

Set of 2 tall bedside lamps Amazon

This stylish bedroom lamp is from BesLowe. The brand name means you’re getting the best. The manufacturer has a team of designers and technicians with years of experience. They provide brilliant looking lamps for all kinds of settings and rooms in the house.

With this amazing 3-way dimmable lamp, all you have to do is tap any metal part of the base part. So you can change the brightness with the touch control feature. The beige color lampshades of these tall bedside lamps blend in with any décor colors. The lamp has 4 quick charging USB ports as well as two 7W LED Edison bulbs

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