IKEA Hektar Floor Lamp

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The oversized, simple metal shape of the IKEA Hektar Floor Lamp carries its inspiration from olden lamps found in old theaters and factories. The Hektar was inspired by old theater and factory lamps, for a rustic look.

IKEA Hektar Floor Lamp Product Details

The IKEA Hektar floor lamp’s oversized head allows for sufficient light both for reading and lighting a room. The lamp head is also adjustable, allowing you to direct light exactly where you want it.

Its ability to shine a concentrated light is great for readers. Its excellent general lighting abilities means smaller corners of any room will be brightly lit.

For example, the Hektar lamp by IKEA can be directed towards the pages of your book, used as an uplighter for general lighting use or shined upon a particular area of a room.

IKEA Hektar Lamp Measurements

• 187 cm cord length
• 31.5 cm shade diameter
• 181 cm height

Hektar Floor Lamp Customer Ratings

This IKEA lamp receives excellent average ratings from customers. It scores highest in product quality, value for money and ease of installation/assembly.

Appearance, product quality and working as advertised also score very well from past customers, with many saying they would purchase it again.

Lastly, a majority speak to its ability to save on energy as one of its strengths. The Hektar is second only to the Ikea Vidja lamp in popularity.

Thoughts from the Designer

“I designed the Hektar standing spotlight with inspiration from old factories, and as such I wanted to transfer that feeling into a home space. The lamp shades are large and made of metal, in contrast to the inner lining, which is cream colored and glossy. I wanted to create an industrial feeling, emphasized by large details. Due to the light lining and large shades, the Hektar floor lamp gives a lot of light, and very good light at that.”

— Hektar Lamp Designer, Ola Wihlborg

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