Project 62 Avenal Shaded Arc Floor Lamp

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People love the Project 62 Avenal shaded arc floor lamp because it’s super slim and can be integrated into the tightest corner in your bedroom or living room. They’re always made to be lightweight and compact so that you can carry them to where you want more light. A big drawcard with them is that they’re easy to assemble and easy on installation space. When the light is turned on it provides sufficient light to work under or to read. 

Avenal shaded arc floor lamp bronze

The Avenal shaded arc floor lamp has a lightweight design. It focuses the illumination on a specific area, so it’s best to position the light close to the area that needs to be illuminated.
The Project 62 Avenal shaded arc lamp is great to use in a living room, dining room, study, or bedroom. The lamp ensures you get adequate lighting but it also brings a decorative touch to the room.

The Project 62 shaded arc floor lamp has a marble base to ensure it’s heavy enough not to topple over. With its solid metal construction and its brushed nickel finish, this Target Avenal floor lamp can take the spotlight in your home.

Project 62 Avenal shaded arc floor lamp

Weighing in at roughly 30 pounds, and with dimensions of 81 x 44 x 12.5 inches, this floor lamp with its curved design can be an energy-efficient light option when you use LED lighting for it. Simply use the 3-way rotary switch to choose the level of brightness you want.

Project 62 has made sure that they can provide their customers with many décor pieces at affordable prices. The Project 62 Avenal shaded arc floor lamp is its most famous production. Their name comes from the year 1962 when they were established and this refurbished lamp is tested and certified to be like a brand new lamp.

Project 62 avenal shaded arc floor lamp instructions video

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