IKEA Standard Lamps

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Ikea standard lamps are perfect for small spaces. Consider the IKEA NOT floor uplight with a reading lamp in the torchière style.

This multi-function IKEA floor lamp is expertly designed, that is the reason many people consider the ‘NOT’ uplight floor and reading lamp from Ikea.

Multi-function in this case describes an upper torchiere lamp that is brighter and larger that lights the ceiling, and walls, to a lesser extent. This lamp shines optimum light for a small or medium-sized room, especially if the walls are light colored.

Paired to the main torchiere is a smaller, lower-level task spotlight lamp that is meant for close work or reading because of its flexible goose-neck, which is infinitely adjustable.

Best IKEA floor lamps

The IKEA floor ‘NOT’ standing lamp is not expensive, but it does exude an elegant yet utilitarian aura, making it among the best Ikea standard lamps. This lamp is designed for a study armchair or family room reading. It can also be placed in your bedroom, adjacent to your bed, right by your headboard, for those who enjoy reading in bed.

The ‘NOT’ uplighter and goose-neck spotlight floor lamp from Ikea is a Swedish product with a Swedish name, which might confuse many people. ‘Not’ is Swedish for ‘Note’, which in English becomes the Ikea ‘Note’ floor lamp.

IKEA ‘NOT’ Floor Reading/Uplight Lamp assembly

The IKEA metal floor lamp is very simple to assemble. The 3 metallic black pole sections are screwed together, which is then screwed onto the circular metallic base. Attach the small and large plastic white shades, completing the assembly process.

Benefits of the IKEA NOT floor lamp

  • Both the reading lamp and the torchiere uplighter can be switched off and on separately. You cannot operate both lamps at the same time.
  • Due to its unobtrusively simple lines, this is not a statement lamp but one that is meant to disappear and remain out of the way, visually.
  • There will not be a worry of this tripod floor lamp by IKEA tipping over, breaking or denting the shades as it does so. The two flexible, lightweight plastic shades do not weigh much. They should last a good long time with proper care. This is not a top-heavy lamp, further reducing chances of tipping it over.
  • The gooseneck spotlight works well by focusing light. At the same time, it disperses enough light to illuminate a fairly wide area. It is adjustable to be s-curved, curved or straight. This means it always tilted in the direction you want.

IKEA standard lamps

For those looking for a torchiere uplighter lamp that is combined with a gooseneck reading spotlight and don’t want to overspend, the Ikea NOT Uplight/Reading Lamp is the floor lamp for you.

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