Holmo Floor Lamp

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The IKEA Holmo floor lamp is well suited to smaller spaces, as it does not take up much room. It is also easy operable, as it features a switch that can operated by your foot. This means less bending over, to toggle the on and off switch.

The lamp itself is shipped in a small box, with setup being fast, easy and intuitive. The instructions are easy to grasp and straightforward.

Pay attention when following the instructions to assembling the Holmo floor lamp, especially how to properly strengthen, attach and pull the shade from its anchor point at the bottom.

IKEA decorative floor lamp

Lighting provides an illumination power when used in a home. This is the reason many homeowners spend their hard-earned money installing IKEA floor lamps.

These days, home décor is becoming an integral part of home furnishing, and floor lamps have their role to play. Not only are they useful as lighting fixtures, they contribute to a room’s overall style aesthetic.

IKEA paper floor lamp

The Holmo floor lamp from Ikea is an attractive, efficient and timeless design that fits in seamlessly with selective or modern interior design.

It very effectively illuminates dark areas of rooms. It is also a great mood light when used as a room atmosphere enhancer.

Holmo floor lamp instructions

This IKEA tall lamp model features an off and on switch that operated by your foot. This means the lamp will not require you to bend over to operate it.

You can buy the Holmo Free Standing Floor lamp Light with or without a light bulb. The recommended light bulb is the IKEA E26 LED Light Bulb.

IKEA Holmo 46 inch floor lamp

The Holmo Floor Lamp is ideal for those looking for a compact leisure light. This total height is only four feet.

The long rod is attached to its circular base, which supports both the harp that contains the light bulb and the shade.

IKEA Holmo discontinued?


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