Sitting Room Standing Lights from IKEA

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Not mentioning IKEA sitting room standing lights in an article about floor lamps would be like not mentioning Britney in an article about 90’s pop music. IKEA’s floor lamps are durable, user friendly, stylish and timeless.

Decorative floor lamps for living room

You can spot an IKEA lamp in any room, no matter how full it is. IKEA has a wide range of floor lamps that are all contemporary and sleek in design.

Their collection ranges from reading floor lamps to classic tall lamps and everything in between. They have tall lamps with paper or fabric shades, that spread light evenly creating a relaxed and warm environment.

Tree floor lamps for living room

These tall lamps can be placed in your living room in corners to create an ambient lighting effect, or in dark niches and hallways to make them more welcoming.

IKEA’s reading lamps and arched lamps are adjustable in height and light direction, making them a suitable choice for reading corners in your lounge. They also have floor lamps with multiple rotatable heads that give you countless options for their placement.

IKEA sitting room standing lights are mostly to be used as secondary lighting, whereas the reading lamps are perfect for task lighting.

Tall sitting room standing lights

These lounge reading lamps have metal bodies that come in black, white, gold or silver finish. Many of their reading floor lamps have exposed bulbs which gives you another way to customize your lamp, as IKEA has many bulbs in different shapes and sizes.

It is recommended for IKEA lamps to use IKEA’s bulbs, but they can use other bulbs as well. IKEA’s bulbs are all LED bulbs that save up to 85% of energy, and also last a very long time, hence making all their lamps LED lamps.

Large floor lamps for living room

These sitting room standing lights, as well as the bulbs are very affordable and long-lasting, with a wide variety of lamps. In short, IKEA is a one stop shop for all your lamp needs. So if you want an affordable lamp from a reputable company, look no further, IKEA’s got you covered.
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