Tall Column Floor Lamp

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Sometimes it’s a tall column floor lamp that makes for the ideal lighting solution. The column of a lamp has the ability to make a visual impact as it can be as plain or ornate as you want it to be. Sometimes the column can be tall and sometimes it can be short and the column can be in various materials as well.

The column of the light is always attached to a base. A heavy weighted base ensures the light doesn’t topple over. The cool thing with even a tall column lamp is that the slender lamp is able to fit into any tight fitting area of a room.

Tall column floor lamp for living room at Amazon

The stylish Amumo Wello LED floor lamp looks like a large candle burning in the room. It’s a beautiful slender lamp that blends in with all kinds of décor. What is cool about this tall column lamp is that it’s a space saving lamp.

The stylish lightweight lamp stands at 52 inches tall and is easy to move around. Use the lamp’s remote control to set the on and off time. The lamp takes 3 LED light bulbs with 20,000+ hours lifespan. Choose between heaps of colors or soothing white light.

The base of this tall column floor lamp is solid wood with high-quality linen material lampshade. It will need assembly. The floor lamp comes with a 3-year warranty.

LED column floor lamp

The mesmerizing Chiphy Store floor lamp promises to be of interest wherever you put it. The tall floor lamp with remote control dimmable bulbs match every décor style. You dim or brighten the lamp light as needed. It stands at 61 inches in height. You can also opt to switch the stylish lamp on or off with the foot button. The lamp has a sleep timer.

There are also other amazing features and these include 10 levels of color temperature. The lamp also has 10 brightness levels. It’s easy to set up too as you screw the metal brace pieces together to insert into the lamp’s shade. The feet of the tall column floor lamp will also need to be screwed in and then it’s a case of celebrating your beautiful lamp.

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