Tall Floor Lamps for the Living Room

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Tall floor lamps for the living room are lamps that are similar looking to its table counterpart, except with a longer neck and body, made with the intention of placing on the floor as a stand-alone piece. The height of tall floor lamps for the living room is double or more of your sofa set, or chair height.

A tall standing lamp in a living room can be a statement piece on its own. It often breaks your line of vision and creates a level difference that might help to tie all your furniture and décor items or wall hangings together. You can find these in any style of your liking, ranging from contemporary or industrial modern floor lamps, to rustic or vintage standing lights, and everything in between. All of these standing lamps are easily purchasable on Amazon.

Decorative floor lamps for your living room

Tall floor lamps come in a variety of materials and finishes. To find the right floor lamp the living room home, you must first see what tones look good with the furniture that you own, or have decided upon.

Think of your living room as a painting. In a painting, your selection and placement of a new layer is always carefully calculated.

How much of what color do you want? What would you most like to see standing out? Where would you want to leave blank space? In an interior, you have the same options.

Tree floor lamps for a living room

Do you want the lamp shade to match your sofa fabric or do you want for it to be in a contrast? If you feel that a lampshade might make your space visually heavier, you might opt for one without it, as those feel lighter.

Do you want to make your selection of tall floor lamps for the living room based on the material of the body of your lamp instead, and match it with your coffee table legs? Or do you prefer to not limit yourself to that and go with a slick piece in timeless black finish that goes with almost everything?

Modern tall floor lamps for the living room

The decision about which tall floor lamp for living room placement is all yours. You could opt for a dramatic arc floor lamp. You can decide to go with one accent lamp like the above-mentioned Tree Lamp with Teardrop Cage Heads and place it in one corner if you prefer an unconventional asymmetry, or you can get a set of two simpler, more classical styled lamps such as the Modern Pole Lamp with Twist Design to balance out the overall look in a symmetrical elegance. In the case of the classical style, it is always safer to go with a neutral tone of lampshade, and a body that best compliments your lounge furniture.

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