Tall Lamp

A tall lamp in any living space – lounge, bedroom, nursery or patio – adds a certain grace because of the ethereal light that tall lamps shed. There is a vast variety of styles too – arched, vintage, pharmacy, classic, mid century and modern. Plus LED models save energy whilst producing a bright light for tasks and reading.

IKEA’s Best Tall Paper Floor Lamp

Choose from one of these two super white Japanese rice paper floor lamps. They are easy to unpack and set up – and they add flare to your decor.

Choose a Lovely Joofo Floor Lamp

In many homes today you’ll find a trendy Joofo floor lamp somewhere. That’s actually one of the advantages with the floor lamps from the Joofo company – it’s their portability. They’re lightweight so you pick them up and take them to where you need it. Add to that the fact that they are not only…

Best Tall Solar Lanterns

These days you need to be thinking about cutting down on costs. Solar energy is in all kinds of lighting systems to ensure you can save on your electricity bills. Tall outdoor solar lanterns are great. Use them in gardens, pathways, parking areas and streets. The beauty about these solar tall lanterns is that you…

Tall Thin Lamp for Den and Living Room

Tall slim floor lamps are always in fashion. A tall thin lamp is able to stand proud in any awkward corner. It looks stylish in a cramped space while still managing to look elegant and well placed. These floor lamps provide useful task lighting for reading and for any task you’re working on. Some of…

Lovely Tall Skinny Floor Lamps

People who live in small homes have to be careful about their furnishings. Choose bulky stuff and they will be tripping over it as it ends up being way too big for the space they have. It’s why tall skinny floor lamps are ideal for those wondering how they can light up their living space….

Extra Tall Floor Lamps

Extra tall floor lamps stay well out of the way while delivering a wide pool of light. Save energy with these LED models for living room and office.

Stunning Tall Solar Lights

Your garden, patio and courtyard will benefit from these quirky, energy-saving tall solar lights. Shop now at Amazon for one of these beauties.

Unique Tall Standing Lamps

We have all seen how tall standing lamps vary so much these days. Manufacturers of these lamps bring them out in all sorts of materials and colors . This ensures that there are beautiful lamps for every room and every setting you have in mind. Stylish looking lamps are always important. These lamps offer a…

Amazing Tall Bedside Lamps

Tall lamps make a great decor addition to your bedroom. They come in many different decor styles to suit any room in your home. Looking for tall bedside lamps that add a romantic touch to your room? Get these lamps for any budget. They are manageable, being lightweight, even though some of them can be…

Fabulous Tall Lamps for Bedroom

Lamps for the bedroom have to provide enough light. They have to provide light so you can enjoy reading before lights out. Choosing a lamp for the bedroom can be easy these days as you have so many choices. How big should the best floor lamps for bedroom be and what style should you choose…